My 3 Favorite Things – October 2018

Melinda’s Top 3

Things to bring you comfort, ease and joy this month!


A client recommended Woodhouse to me a few years ago and I remember her saying that when you walk through those huge wooden front doors, its like walking in to a completely different place and time.  All of the cares of the world are locked outside while you are pampered and cared for and buffed up and made ready to go out and face it all again.  I love this place and my family knows that gift cards here are my favorite gifts for birthdays and anniversaries.  Go.  You’ll thank me.

xSkinceuticals Sunblock

We live about 3 inches from the sun here in Naples and you can always tell who’s from here – they don’t have a suntan.  And never a sunburn.  We’ve done that enough times to learn our lesson.  My favorite sunscreen is Physical Matte UV Defense from SkinCeuticals.  This is a 100% physical sunscreen with a slight tint that makes every skin tone look even, and a matte finish that absorbs oil and makes you look just like your favorite Instagram filter.  The weightless mousse texture stays matte even in “Florida humid” conditions.

Pelagos Greek Cafe

I have a thing for Greek food and my favorite recent find is Pelagos Greek Cafe in North Naples.  Their ingredients are so fresh and delicious – I love that their lunch special comes with a beautiful salad and not french fries.  And while I can’t eat this way every day – this is my favorite lunch spot when I’ve had a good week and want to treat myself to something “off the diet”.  Love, love, love.